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Behind every great project is sound technology, and by working with enterprise level development environments we get the backing we need to produce excellent projects.

Systems and Platforms

For many years our development environment of choice has been Microsoft .NET. Not only does the rapid application development tools built into Visual Studio give us time saving power, we find that the platform leads to clean and clear code that follows our own best practices.

We've recently teamed up with the New York technology group CM3, and have been working as an early adopter of their .NET Data Persistence Layer (DPL). Not only does the DPL save us time on rolling out database driven applications, but the end result is designed so that all those common problems of data access and caching are done with the minimum of fuss and problems.

CM3 Data Persistance Layer

All this talk of .NET isn't to say that we're not at home in other environments. Whether we're coding J2EE, PHP, Ruby on Rails, C++, Perl, Python, or Pascal, we're fluent in it all, and happy to speak your language.

Front-End Technology

Front End Web TechnologiesWhen it comes to to the web development we excel at using the latest web based technology to provide a rich user interface. Our HTML and CSS is always hand coded, and our projects use JavaScript, AJAX and jQuery to add rich interactivity that has been rolled out on many a site.

If we're really stretching HTML can be made to do, then we're happy to use Flash to give that extra shine to the page, writing ActionScript, or using Adobe Flex for out of the box rapid UI creation.

Many web developers will talk about writing a script, but our philosophy is to always write objects and never write scripts. No matter the language used we encapsulate our code, creating reusable clean and clear building blocks for the interfaces that scale right through our applications.

So keen are we on writing user interface code, when we're not writing it we're creating tools to help us write it better. Be it the award winning measurement device the Screen Calipers, or the webpage analysis application WebTools Pro, or even the ColorPic, the web's most downloaded color picker, we're all about the UI.

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