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At Iconico, Inc we offer a wide range of full service technical consulting for small and large business alike. Our services range from web design, information architecture, front-end and backend coding and usability analysis.

We believe that a well planned projects equates to an excellent product every time, which is why we've identified several different project types to ensure a swift and expert results.

Our Usability Analysis process is ideal for existing sites that need additional work done on them to make them user friendly. Our multidisciplinary approach leads to truly innovative solutions, and creates website that really work, not just websites that look good.

Our full scale projects draw on our skills in Design, Information Architecture and Technology. This is all underpinned by strong project management, to produce award winning applications and websites.

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Whatever your needs, be it desktop applications, websites, or any technology solution, we would like to talk to you, so please feel free to email or call us on 646 236 6426.

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