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Quality AssuranceIt's a sad fact that many websites and applications get developed in a rush. Developers and clients are keen to get their latest and greatest work out the door that bugs creep in, errors abound and the result is that mistakes creep in that hurt the product and the brand.

At Iconico we have a diligent Quality Assurance process that begins even before development is started, so throughout the build process we catch bugs as they crop up. By capturing a set of detailed requirements the QA process can be started early, and test scripts developed that match requirements documents.

Unit testing each individual technical component using tools such as N-Unit for .NET provides a strong codebase that robustly responds to system wide changes.

By using defect tracking tools any problems, bugs and additional requirements noticed by anyone on the team are captured. Once confirmed each defect is placed into the build process, ensuring that documentation always matches the product, and that developers and project managers alike are all informed of what feature is being worked on when.

Quality Assurance is always an ongoing process, and even if our work with you ends at the final build, we aim to put in place a system where ongoing development can take place in the most orderly manner.

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